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What is IRGON

IRGON (Independent Research Group Orford Ness) is a small group of volunteers who are interested in the wide-ranging military trials that have taken place on Orford Ness for many years.


IRGON was created by a number of Orford Ness volunteer rangers who wanted to increase the amount of military research that was being undertaken, and to make the public more aware of the historic significance of what took place there.

IRGON now includes a wider group of people and organisations that are also keen to add to the knowledge of the many Orford Ness weapons trials and developments that occurred between 1915 and 1973, and to take advantage of the personal experiences of the, sadly diminishing, pool of Orford Ness Veterans.

IRGON is self-funded and managed, and operates independently of National Trust's policies, procedures and priorities.

Join Us 

IRGON’s researchers are unpaid volunteers who donate what time and skills they can offer. Specific knowledge of Orford Ness is not essential, although an interest in military or aviation history is a bonus. Digital presentation skills would also be welcomed.


We would be pleased to hear from those who are interested in helping record the UK’s defence developments on Orford Ness.


We can be reached via Contact Us in the top menu.

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