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Ken Daykin Report

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Ken Daykin was in charge of bomb ballistics trials on Orford Ness from January 1941 to 1959, being responsible for running the cameras and controls in the Bomb Ballistics Building from at least 1954. His report “Chapter 2 - Description of Apparatus” was published around 1964 - 1966. It presents an extremely detailed description of the equipment and procedures used to carry out bomb ballistics testing on Orford Ness between construction of the Bomb Ballistics Building in 1933 and the early 1950s. His report also includes references and many photographs, listed at the beginning of his report, most of which are included in the present report “Bomb Ballistics Trials on Orford Ness”.

His time on Orford Ness is followed by the period covered by Frank Tanner’s report.

Click here for Ken Daykin’s Report on Bomb Ballistics on Orford Ness - 1933 until the early 1950s.

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