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22 January 2023

The following CGI graphic video have been added and includes an audio track

   Orford Ness Model Ballistics Firing Range

19 November 2022

The following CGI graphic videos have been updated and now include an audio track

   Orford Ness 1966 Site Flyby

   Orford Ness Bomb Ballistics Phase 1 with Timing Lights

   Orford Ness Over the Horizon Radar Chaplain Flyby

   Orford Ness Atomic Weapons Research Establishment  Impact Facility with Bomb Runs   

   Orford Ness Blue Streak Rig Tilt Rotation Elevation

28 October 2022

A new article by Steve Clifton covering Bomb Ballistics Trials during the Cold War period has been added to the IRGON Research Tab.

28 October 2022

David Warren will be giving a talk on Friday 4th November @ 7:30 pm for the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society illustrating some of the wide-ranging UK's weapon trials on the Ness including WW1 aircraft, Bomb Ballistics, Nuclear Weapon Stress Testing, Blue Streak Telemetry, and Over the Horizon Radar. The talk is at Martlesham Heath Community Centre, Felixstowe Road, Martlesham Heath IP12 4PB , Entry £3 for members , £4 for non-members . Turn up in good time , No need to book.

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