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Orford Ness FlyBy

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This FlyBy shows the buildings that existed in 1966 that were involved in the UK’s military trials on Orford Ness. (also ’Ness’ or ‘Island')


Orford Ness is a 10 mile long curved spit of land located on the UK's Suffolk coast and connected to the mainland by a narrow shingle bank just south of Aldeburgh. The North Sea forms its changing eastern shore line (coastal erosion) and the River Ore forms its western boundary. Access to the National Trust-owned property is via a ferry from Orford Village. 


Orford Ness is one mile at its widest point and was the former location of the now demolished Lighthouse. Its highest point is 4 m above sea level, with much of its marsh areas requiring pumped drainage. 


The UK’s military activities (1913-1972) and their associated buildings were located in the middle third of the Ness’s 10-mile length and this is the area shown in this FlyBy. 


Little military activity took place on the (mostly shingle) southern part of the Ness and this is not included in the FlyBy. 


This FlyBy also does not include the more northerly Orford Ness area occupied by Cobra Mist,  a US-operated Over-The-Horizon-Radar (OTHR) system (February 1972 - June 1973). The Cobra Mist infrastructure and its surrounding area is now owned by Cobra Mist Ltd.


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Orford Ness FlyBy

Orford Ness FlyBy

Annotated site plan showing Cold War buildings in 1966 © Crown Copyright / AWE Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.


Photographs - click image to enlarge view - for full size please contact IRGON

Orford Ness FlyBy

Orford Ness FlyBy

Annotated Google map showing Cold Wat buildings in 1966


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Orford Ness


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