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Our Future Plans

IRGON will continue to research an expanding list of the little-known trials that took place on the Ness, while as the same time adding to the knowledge base of those better-known.


Although a ‘virtual’ visit is not as satisfying as a live visit, we will continue with our CGI work to give people a ‘virtual’ visit to the fascinating and extremely rare features of Orford Ness, when for many reasons the ‘real thing’ is not possible.


Using current internet and social networking platforms, we plan to make IRGON become known as a central hub of information concerning the military history of Orford Ness.


We will seek to expand the archive of related information (articles, images, drawings and videos) which we will continue to publish, update and make available to the public. see IRGON Research We also recognise the urgent need to acquire more information from the few remaining ‘veterans’ who were active in Orford Ness trials.

To achieve this, IRGON will continue to reach out to people and organisations willing to help fill the gaps in what is know about the wide-ranging and significant military history of Orford Ness. Our website will include digital links to information networks about related interests and technologies, including the military history of the Cold War, radar, bomb ballistics, aviation, and railways. see Useful Links


And, importantly, all of this Orford Ness military trials material will be uploaded to IRGON's website for free access to the public as soon as is possible.

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